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We are not just a fantasy football service, we are first and foremost a charitable organization.  We are the first charitable organization to utilize fantasy sports as a means to support non-profit groups.

Fantasy football is our passion, but helping those in challenging situations and assisting the non-profit sector is our primary focus. We wanted to harness the popularity of fantasy sports, particularity fantasy football, as a means to make a positive difference nationwide.

A membership to Fantasy First and Fantasy Football for Females not only gets you the top rated fantasy football analysis and information, you are helping to support our communities (A WINNING COMBINATION!).

The 2015 football season will mark the debut of Fantasy Gives. For the first time ever, fantasy football will become a national fundraiser to help provide much needed funds to charities.

The contests are similar to the daily fantasy games made popular by FanDuel and Draft Kings, but without any association to gambling and purely for purpose of being a fundraiser for non-profit groups. You can support your favorite non-profit group while having fun playing in our weekly contests. For your charitable efforts, you can win thousands of dollars in prizes!

Fantasy First, Fantasy Football for Females and Fantasy Gives are part of the Fantasy Maxam family of charitable websites. Proceeds from these websites will be donated to multiple reputable non-profit groups. Established in 2007, we are a subsidiary of A.R.F. and a federally recognized 501c3 charitable organization.


We are proud to offer all of the content on Fantasy First and Fantasy Football for Females FREE OF CHARGE!

We take the unique ‘DONATION ONLY’ approach. As a 501c3 non-profit organization, we rely heavily on the generosity of our members/supporters to help fund our efforts to make a positive difference in the lives of many people.

We simply ask that you register (NO COST) to have access to all content on the website (your information will not be sold). We hope that you make a donation, any contribution you make is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use (charitable donations are tax deductible*).


While it is true, we are a not the typical fantasy football service with our roots in the non-profit sector, you will not be short changed when it comes to expert analysis and information. We have been active in fantasy football for nearly 20 years and our credentials are well respected among experts in the fantasy sports arena.

Other websites brag about their merits, we have the proof to back our claims. In a national contest of all of the major websites and experts, we finished FIRST!  All the recognizable names entered and we BEAT THEM ALL!

We have two websites for you to choose from; Fantasy First is for the diehard fantasy fans and Fantasy Football for Females provides the same great analysis and information, but designed entirely for the ladies.

If you are looking to win the bragging rights of your fantasy football league, then Fantasy First and Fantasy Football for Females are your clear choices.


We felt it was about time somebody recognized that FEMALES LOVE FANTASY FOOTBALL TOO. Females make up over 20% of fantasy sports landscape and are by far the fasting growing demographic (300% growth since 2007). There are endless websites dedicated to the males, but none that focused strictly to the female sector.

Fantasy Football for Females was the FIRST fantasy football website dedicated entirely to ladies. We make the football easy to understand for our novice readers. We provide a layout and information that is uniquely pleasing to our female audience.

Do not be misled, Fantasy Football for Females is not all fluff, we still provide the expert analysis and information you need to help you win your league and dominate the guys! Ladies it is time to…GET IN THE GAME!


We realize there are many great resources available throughout the web.  We give credit to the great fantasy football websites that we follow (Fantasy Guru, Draft Sharks, 4 for 4, Draft Pros, and ESPN to name a few of our favorites). Our staff searches the Internet for the best information and provides it all to you in one place.

As a non-profit entity, we do not have the staff to cover the NFL like other great websites.  We don’t pretend to know everything, but we are smart enough to know where to get great information. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND PAYING FOR A SUBSCRIPTION TO THEIR WEBSITES! They provide bountiful information and we are not above giving credit where credit is due.

We respect and thank our friends in the fantasy football community for their efforts. Their respective staffs play a big part in making it possible for us to make fantasy football a means to support our communities and worthwhile charities.



* This is not to be misconstrued as financial and/or tax advice. It is advised that you check with a financial consultant regarding financial and/or tax related matters.

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